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Tundra Tracker Driver installation

The latest driver of Tundra Tracker is distributed via SteamVR. Please make sure you use the latest beta version of SteamVR to update the firmware of Tundra Tracker.

Step1. Download SteamVR from Steam

You can find and install SteamVR here:

Step 2. (Optional) Choose "Beta" version of SteamVR

If you want to try the latest features, pleas select "beta" mode on SteamVR.

  • Right click "SteamVR" on your Steam Library
  • Click "Properties", go to the "Beta" tab, then select "opt in for beta" in the pulldown

Step 3. Update the firmware of Tundra Tracker

After pairing your Tundra Tracker with SteamVR, "i" mark will be shown on the icon of Tundra Tracker if a new firmware is available. Please choose "Update device" on SteamVR and follow the instructions.

Firmware Update